About Us

We are amazing bakers, tastemakers, and dessert lovers. We wanted to bring our fresh quality desserts to the masses without having the trouble of a brick and mortar shop that only facilitates a particular neighborhood, province, or township. We believe great desserts should be unlimited in the boundaries and are able to go wherever people want them.

Screen Shot 2013-03-24 at 10.44.22 PM.pngWe know there are great bakers and bakeries in your local town, but there is nothing like us that will deliver to you amazing Desserts freshly baked the same day you receive them. That means if you order a Chocolate Ganache Cake in the morning, we will make it, bake it, and deliver it to you that evening so you, your family, or your friends can enjoy it after dinner.

Our Desserts are made fresh, and are never frozen or are sitting in a display window. Once we bake it, we wrap it, box it, and then deliver it. We are located in Long Island, NY, and source fresh local goods to complete our recipes.

Our FDD (Fresh Dessert Delivery) hands are the most gentle and safe drivers that once it leaves our shop you will receive it in pristine condition or you Fresh Dessert will be replaced at no additional cost the same day.

Our Fresh Desserts are made by amazing pastry chefs from around the world; old world and new world, blending the best of both and giving you the greatest tasting dessert that you have ever feasted upon.